Monday, May 5, 2008

red sea

08 Mar 2008

he tried all he could to be better but failed
and he was blind reading braille while his eyes bled
so much they drowned in a sea of deep red
and covered his pupils and trickled and traced
down his face to his lips and all the sin he could taste
searing his tongue, stopping his words in a haste
and silence fell upon him and the conversation
came to an end but no apology he could persuade her
of as he was left with nothing to lure her grace

her eyes were clear but almost glazed with tears
running a trace down the lines to the place
where she could purse them and taste in them
the saltiness which on her mouth were a bitterness
and all the water she rained out dripped off her chin south
hitting the ground and seemed to create an ocean
and for all her crying she was still no closer to absolving
his red sea of despise that was polluted with the lies
he told and the mutated creatures that featured in the fables told

they both turned their backs to one another
and knew in their hearts the seas couldn't be parted
that when the fire was burning for them they smothered
it and starved it of the fuel that kept the flame lit
and in their imaginations they ran over all they'd miss
for them there was no promised land, they'd return to slavery
but it was admirable they both understood the bravery
which they upheld for the length that they did and
they'll forever remember how they fought for it

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