Saturday, May 3, 2008

I once fell in love in a six hour conversation

02 Mar 2008

I once fell in love with a girl in a six hour conversation
she was smitten with radiohead and a brilliant animator
she'd quit smoking but all night my cigarettes we shared
I told her I didn't want to get married and she replied she didn't care
she had stories to tell of traveling and about her past
and I hoped all the while we talked the moment could forever last
when the remains of the beer went and it rounded about three
I asked to kiss her and tilted my head and she turned hers away from me
giggling a no she wasn't abrupt and the proceeding time not awkward
I said that's fine and heaved a sigh, I felt no need to force it
I did however get her number and somehow she took mine
and we exchanged previously discussed conversation ending lines
in the days following I called her up to tell her how I felt
she didn't return my messages and I couldn't hide how I dealt
not as quickly as I fell in love did I discard thoughts of her and I as possibility
but I was so angry at how she treated me and her complete lack of sincerity
we haven't spoken since that night though she comes to my mind often
I suppose there's a longing in my soul still that continues to hope her heart'll soften
I won't forget the day we met when she said I was somewhat of an eccentric
and of how when I said rock 'n' roll she said yeah electric

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