Monday, May 5, 2008

I scream. You scream. We all scream for the person of our dreams

30 Apr 2008

at the approach to an ice cream parlour
after a dumpling laden dinner
lovers debate whether or not to enter
and I see you test tasting flavours
on a trampoline stick layered
at both ends with ice cream piled on soft and thick
something like lemon pie and hazelnut delight
and although they kinda make me sick
I'm tempted to get a cup just to try
and entice your look and make eye contact
but then I realise your style and you're
probably out of my league so I don't act
you leave with your friends take a seat outside
so I step to the window under fluorescent light
and start a cigarette and try to catch your glimpse
but since I'm not eating ice cream perhaps
you won't take a chance and give me your glance
so now we've an awkward stance
and for all my staring it doesn't seem to lapse
but inside the thought of you is causing
me a heart attack as opportunity gets glaring
my confidence isn't well fairing
and I'm blinded by your beauty long enough
to miss my chance whilst we walk polar opposites
I think you're picturesque; my ideal, seal the deal
with a kiss kind of girl but we're on winding paths
walking away from each other, all I can hope
is that someday we'll wander again into each other's world.
it makes me wonder now if I'd made more an effort
when we met at the urn of tea if at this moment
I'd have less to imagine because
we'd be sharing that ice cream
who are you and where did you fall from
are you an angel are you heaven sent
who am I and am I even close to worthy
how can I let you in on my romantic intent

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