Monday, May 5, 2008

The Brittle Melancholy

the brittle melancholy
surrounding her fervent following

of his drowning to generously join him
as desire's distant servant

breaks the walls of silence's cities
and makes him all the more determined

to resurrect his first objective
and put into perspective

what from the beginning he meant to be
and intended for them to achieve

the raising of the crucifix
that cried collusion and allusion

to their meeting and their pasts colliding
hung until their fighting tired

saw the skies all blackened
as the ties were severed

and angst timed their dying
with the storm's staggered lightening

acid red rain fell heavy and readied them for dead
leaving everything wet

a prophecy to tell them
and all who had eyes set upon their

getting together that they'd ended
and lust's trust no longer protected
their blatant fornicating
their hearts would haste to harden
as stone's cement setting

what messiah was their institution
of into each other as lovers

pedantry for possessing their respective souls
sunk their ship with troubles

because they couldn't hide their need to abide
by each others sexual offers

call response reactions lack reasoning
and couldn't restitute or recourse

the snowballing and flat falling
on their faces with failed fidelity

what got wound up in wonder was their likening
of love to riding a horse

that it can be pulled left or right by a bit in it's jaw
or whipped up to speed

what they found was a stallion
that couldn't be broken
but would throw them far out to sea

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