Saturday, May 3, 2008

roses are red, violets are blue. you don’t love me anymore. but i still love you.

13 Feb 2008

On a hallmark holiday
you forgot all you had to say
so you bought me a card
as justice to break my heart
you wrote on it from you
and addressed it my name to
but you put in no thought
and obviously sought not
to allow yourself to get caught
in the ties of relation
that could spawn a creation
of a love and a kindness
that would always remind us
of a day that we made ours
when you gave me flowers
and I kissed you softly
and you slipped my dress off me
but I guess that you didnt want it
so let that thought be haunting
I didn't let you then leave me
I hid my tears and heaving
I bottled up my grieving
'cause that was our final evening
of valentine's ruined meaning

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