Monday, May 5, 2008

it's dreamy weather

25 Mar 2008

you are the kind of refugee that makes a home within your dreams
for all that your love’s imagining, some things aren’t exactly as they seem
as moments and romances anchor and sail, your heart you slowly give away
to all of those who take their toll; part of your soul they’ll always stay
as a piece of you in one manner or another and you’ll never let yourself forget
the way they make you feel at times about your endings and your regrets

there’s a sad tune that plays in your mind on these cold and bitter nights
when the weather gets bad and your dreams are riddled with nostalgic frights
I hate to think you’ll be stuck alone forever with no one to calm your waters
your mind wanders alone about in forests overgrown with awkward pauses
creatures are sentences left unfinished and thoughts that escape you tepidly dread
hesitations to make moves on the loves you had are waiting for you when you’re dead

so try and wring every instance and encounter of feeling, emotion and connection
and bind up a swag of all your heartfelt intentions and dreams of resurrection
through all of the fog seeking redemption of your pining you steer towards her glowing city
so when you arrive in the middle of the night and you’re all needy ask her to take pity
request after your soaking that she take you in for a while and don’t dare let yourself resign
to feelings of no worth or compromise; you’ll make her yours through this stormy time

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