Monday, May 5, 2008

warm and still

06 Apr 2008

He held her head with the bend of his elbow and lifted his hand slightly to turn her head towards him. Feeling her willing neck twist he rolled his weight onto his elbow and rested just above her. They were lying on the blankets of the made bed, heads at the pillow end in the stillness. So much stillness.

Those eyes he thought. He looked down into those eyes, which, had so much untold history in them. He felt lost in them for what seemed like too long but as he became aware of his staring realised must have only been a second or two. He’d seen that look, her look before. Though he was still so unsure what it meant.

Her lips as serious as he’d ever seen them distracted him momentarily then then he shifted back to her eyes. The dark of the room lit only by candles had allowed her pupils to open making her eyes seem larger than normal. He took her whole face and look into account and hoped somewhere in his mind it would file away as a photo or memory that he could recall one day.

That thought in half a second turned into a decision to kiss her. He did. He felt her lips meeting his and was immediately aware of the difference from all the others he’d ever kissed and was taken aback at how nice they felt. He turned his face left and right as they kissed wanting and trying to see how her kiss was from every angle. He pulled slightly on her lower lip with his and then pushed firmer to hers and finally lifted off making his last kiss on her nose.

He rolled back taking the weight off his elbows, now noticing his strain and rested on his side. She turned to him and resumed her look from before. He smiled, his big natural smile and locked his eyes with hers. He asked her what and watched her lips move repeating his question back. He repeated what’s that look for and he watched her eyes move their concentration slightly from his as if watching something run across his shoulder. Nothing she whispered quietly and rolled over leaving him the look of her smooth naked back. He pulled himself closer, pressing his chest to her back and whispered a quiet okay into her ear. Then he closed his eyes and kissed her neck. The candles flickered. The room stayed warm and still

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