Sunday, May 11, 2008

we watched our parent's and theirs for too long.

young and impressionable
we watched our parent's pattern
of living for too long
giving up the chase for settling,
conditioning to confide in conformity
an all too familiar song

it's melancholy meanders;
resounding loudly through paper walls
of the houses in suburbs
seemingly unaware or knowingly uncaring
they let their souls turn nouns
from intransient verbs

all the words they speak
and sentences they live
hide secret desire to break free coupling's chains
they attempt to shield their heart's
mutual residency but
remanence doesn't apply to romance

it's hopeless or harmful explaining to them
what it means to or possibly how
you change and grow apart
it's too far from the beliefs
on which they created their sense of self
being born into and were brought up

it doesn't intrigue or even reach them
the idea that a person can be right
for a time and place
or searching for inspiration,
honest understanding and newness
dictates an inclination to chase

that divorce is just part
of the course for feeling alive;
a contingency, a 'just in case'
we need insurance, a measure of protection
that we don't die having
deprived ourselves or abased

the trend set before us
and expected of us is to trade
courting for company as we grow older
in every voice of the consumer
conscious world this idea that
we should settle and not wonder is sold

there's no equation to consider
how much forsaking and breaking
the heart can instigate and take
we can't hope to fathom or begin
to imagine and it scares us from our skin
and shitless to contemplate

the thought of what if
we run out of love to give
and have no way left to feel open and vulnerable
we can only see time linear;
in it's finite confines,
which dictates it must be impalpable

as a healer of all wounds
even if later over sooner;
our mind's aren't strong, we just can't endure longing
we live in dread of dying
before our due and not reaching
any true sense of belonging

why do we feel the need
like the dehydrated for water
to be owned by someone and others ourselves own
it seems a thematic characteristic
sown to society, which by
the majority we're shown

as the best compromise between
the pursuit of happiness or even contentment
and making atonement
for the tearing that bares upon
our biological instinct to nest and then
keep reproducing and die lonely

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