Saturday, May 3, 2008

tantrum display. you can no longer prey

07 Feb 2008

you screamed at me the whore I am
you yelled your surety of my plans
to leave you for the arms of another
to depart with haste to a new lover
I jumped up and down at your lack of logic
at how for too long it didn't click
you and I were traveling paths separate
until finally you got desperate
you grabbed my arm and held it tight
I said release me I'm not fighting tonight
I'm off! I'm fleeing, to be away from your shit
you threw your fists up and your teeth were grit
for all of your antics you're still no dice
it's way too late to start being nice
or to win me over, I'm gone consider it so
you've had years and years your feelings to show
so fuck off! and fuck whatever you say!
on my heart and soul you'll no longer prey
I need to be cleansed of your rotting host
and you know my care is what you'll miss the most
but thats it you've blown every single chance I can give
I'm moving on I've got a life to live

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