Saturday, May 3, 2008

on valentine’s day

13 Feb 2008

I went out to have a smoke on the porch and hide my disdain
but I locked myself outside and realised I'd have hours to wait
before anyone came home to open the door then wished I had a few cigarettes more
to keep me from the cold and the wind and the rain I cowered under my eve and thought I should've worn
something less plain like a coat or a scarf or a hat perhaps and pondered my day to help the time lapse.

Well away from my work and my music and home I found that my conscience was torn
between whether or not to go next door and face the neighbours scorn and use their telephone.
well I decided to call you, that it'd be worth the pain to face up to my shame and get warm.
when you answered and came round you seemed surprised having found me lying on my front lawn

I was smitten looking up at the stars getting soaking wet and catching pneumonia
when you arrived you picked me up and handed me a towel dragging me over to your car.
you put on the radio and asked me if I'd known that today was st valentine's
I said that I knew and it was my plan all along to get you here and make you mine.
though we've been here before it's just so hard to ignore on a day when I want to feel love.
well you said softly but there's no way we can let ourselves again. hating you once is tough enough.

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