Saturday, May 3, 2008

freeway, cars & trucks.

29 Feb 2008

headed home on the eastern I tune into Tom
he takes me for a ride while I sing along
a perfect end to a stormy night's dreary drain
on my soul and my health and he eases my pain

I've driven freeways and highways all to nowhere
In my time I've had my fair share of accidents and scares
and when I think of how I'm gonna get home to be safe and sound
only one name comes to mind and I say it out a loud

I'm passin' rigs and commuters and tourists and cops
I'm watchin' the street signs and lookin' out for a cheap coffee shop
late night, close time; everyone's goin' to bed or packin' up
All I'd care for is a cigarette and a dimattina's cup

well I compromise and get me a cheeseburger and a drip filter black
clock's showin' 'round 'bout 3am and all the cabbys are gettin' slack
the drunks are pourin' onto the streets and they're fallin' and stumblin'
they all got what I got; that tummy growlin' and rumblin'

romance is dead after the clock hits two four double zero
and the girls are takin' home any guy; criminal or hero
and me, I contemplate askin' one of them ladies for a light
and I wonder how I'd fair with one of those punks in a fight

sleepless nights keep makin' me crazy and I feel myself gettin' old
I'm a ticking time bomb with no counter I'm just waitin' to explode
I might just roll into bed and crash for a day or two or three
call in sick for work, take the phone off the hook and just be

ahh my dreams scatter like bats shifting just before intersection
all the while I'm still drivin' street lights illuminatin' in reflections
my driveway at last and I'm home where dawn awaits
do I light another cigarette and sit on the porch I debate

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