Monday, May 5, 2008

the Friends ship set sail; unsure we had boarded we were left to hoard feelings for more

18 Apr 2008

typically though unrehearsed; in another time and place
in a parallel universe out there somewhere lost in space
you and I mightn't be so clear; we might have been two unlamented lovers
with less inhibitions, more masters of our fears and each the half to better the other

but with whirlwind weather we've worked too hard and have all too traveled our friendship
to locate those feelings of freedom in a new world or be guided by stars and let love enlist
the swooning platoon that'd be required to move our lips and let our tongues ravel and kiss
has sailed as a schooner surely and seaworthy, silently into the lack of affirmation abyss

resolved now we must hold back our tenderness toll, put us in focus and remain our steady aim
to hit homeward and on target our hearts no longer flames lit and watch what we do with our names
we have to take care they don't end up respective etchings on the stone tablets of our vulnerable souls
all the dreams of us together are escaping as ethers for all I that I pour they sift through possibility's plot holes

resigned we've quietly decided to be friendship providers
washing in waves, lapping at the feet of the future as a tide does
but never staying or forming rivers or crossing secret love's borders
torn twofold as we grow old, we're hiding our pining and in spite of poor timing we're friends but fools for our hoarding

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