Friday, May 23, 2008

love is lung cancer

if love is lung cancer then you are a cigarette
I lit you and smoked you and you went straight to my head
as I huffed you in a rush of blood and nicotine swelling
hazed my sight from any harm as I happily neglected
terms and conditions of my buying as I signed off the waiver
to my emotional health and well being savoring your addictive flavour
not half through a deck of twenty original mild sevens
every drag of you I partake gets my heart rate elevated
my friends are a quitline I call but they don't have an answer
and the warning labels don't indicate any reason to not fancy
you more and more every moment we share or I add to my collection
of romantic notions and reasons why it doesn't seem fair
to deprive myself of you when we're so young with so much to gain
my conscience wars with my ploy to live by what feels right to claim
you're sold as desire but hide love and death in a fliptop pack
as you get inside me you line me with tar; turn my cells in a mutiny attack
I could stop but I'd never heal, my lungs forever still be scarred
why does the solution have to be to quit when it's my lungs in question not my heart.

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