Monday, May 5, 2008


25 Apr 2008

love's a candle;

Whilst it burns it warms all around it and everything looks different.
But when it's extinguished it's just melted wax and ash.
And charred wick, indistinguishable from any craft it once was.
And for everything it kept from the cold it now suddenly seems more so.

It's so hard to disregard the harm
you cause for all that you assure
me you're cool, calm and charming
you've no qualm to take and break my world
you're a passive attack type of girl
who lies through the crack of her lips
having you is one thing I can't bring to quit
I'm smitten when you smile with longing, luscious desire
but I may's well start setting on fire
my life for you'll age me with haste
dig my grave and enslave me to my tomb
and during my wasting away you'll take
from me all I love but for now I simply can't
remove my eyes from your quiet entice
I want your taste on my tongue
I'm yearning for you to turn me on
fuck me now my disdainful burning love

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