Monday, May 5, 2008

tips for shy chicks

23 Apr 2008

here're the tips for shy chicks wanting guys and their kiss
get making moments of meeting lips and hands brushing on hips
and bit by bit seducing unsubtle therefore producing lists
with lustful longings for your taking they'll hold out their hearts for the breaking
and take you into their worlds awaiting an awakening like an earthquake
shaking the foundations and notions of what girls can muster
there's no shame in a little hustling and if it takes you some busting
of moves on the dance floor be sure you lock looks
castle him like a rook and make sure he knows he's yours
make him believe that he needs you so if you leave him he'll plead
get him so he can't ignore that your brilliant and amazing
and then fuck him over and over make it an emotion rollercoaster
get under his skin and shock him like a five thousand volt taser.

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