Saturday, May 3, 2008

tear apart the ties that bind. You're nothing not nearly one of a kind

10 Feb 2008

Four bedroom walls claustrophobe me and she leers naked; guarding the door
She demands sharply to know whether or not about her and I, I'm sure
Her query's same as always though, do I want the same as she does
So I tell the same old lie about us and typically as ever she can see right through
She's tiring of my shamble theories; of I'm sure that I will soon
I tell her that I don't fall in love that easy and her face burns up with roon

The choice is end it swiftly or stay our course to see what unfolds I suggest
To end it now we'll not know if we can resolve or put to rest
The lurking in her heart that I should feel something sooner more than later
That I must feel for her a deal that's greater than a friend or lover
What's her haste I contest contemptibly, what rush is there to know?
Come to bed, come now I plead where under the covers a care I can show

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