Wednesday, May 28, 2008

she wrote Sorry! in my coffee

she wrote Sorry! in the coffee
on the top along the crema
in the cup of a strong flat white
her first night in a while on the machine

it's good she keeps her distance

perhaps thinking it time that she requested
not to be put behind the register
or maybe it's just a coincidence

at least we won't have to talk

and can keep awkwardness to a minimum
sitting outside I light up and begin to sip
wondering just how quickly I can forgive

surely deception warrants such silence

on nights out for coffee like this
braving all the cold and weather
I debate telling her of the pain

how sorry written so softly

doesn't in an instance make okay
the way she so coldly had no trouble
saying I was nothing but a mistake

I finish my drink and go to pay

she watches quietly from a corner
knowing my lack of eye contact's a warning
that I'm not over the hurt of being sawn

by her toothed blade of ignorance

as I leave I steal a final glance
I still see her with unrequited desire
I smile as I think of the plans

of her and I made up in my mind

I close the door behind me and sigh
at how it's only time that can cure
this combination of allure and spite

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